Space Engineers Test Server

With the release of Update_01.032, dedicated servers are now available for users. With this, I decided to setup a test server for friends and friends of friends to play. You can find it in the in-game server browser tagged as “CnCFPS | Space Engineers Test” at the moment. In addition, I also setup a Steam group for regulating who can come onto the server.

Send a request to join the steam group if you wish to join!

RxCmd v1.0 Release – Renegade-X

Just a quick update here. Recently, Kil made a post on the Renegade-X forums about a 5-minute utility he (or someone on the team) made for remote administration called RxCmd.

I took the original concept and remade it into a console application for administrators of servers to use. There’s not much to it right now; the help command(s) don’t even work yet (something I intend to improve).

Current commands (and usage):

  • open: address port
    If you end up closing the connection manually, you do not need to use the parameters again for this command to work.
  • close: no parameter
  • exit: no parameter
  • killbots: no parameter
  • addbots: number
  • say: string
  • subscribe: no parameter
  • unsubscribe: no parameter

Download | GitHub

Submit a pull request if you’d like to contribute.

Renegade-X Open Beta Release

Totem Arts, developer and publisher of Renegade-X, has released the highly anticipated game in which they have been developing for the last few years.

You can download the game here, through our mirror, or download using BitTorrent.

CnCFPS will be hosting a few servers for Renegade-X. You can find our servers at the following IP/Ports:

  • – AOW, 32-players
  • – Marathon, 40-players

We also plan to add a few more servers, keep checking back.