Louis Castle Interview by CBCPT

The folks producing Community Battlecast Prime Time managed to snag some of Louis Castle‘s time. If, for some reason, you don’t know Louis Castle, he founded Westwood and gave birth to our beloved franchise we love.

The interview features “DooM-Tanker” and “NodSoldierGirl” (NSG) interviewing Louis Castle. In the interview, Mr. Castle discusses his point of view while working at Westwood including a historical insight into how revolutionary real-time strategy games were for the time that Dune 2000 and later Command and Conquer were made and released.

The interview also features some side commentary by “NodSoldierGirl” with Louis Castle.

RxCmd v1.0 Release – Renegade-X

Just a quick update here. Recently, Kil made a post on the Renegade-X forums about a 5-minute utility he (or someone on the team) made for remote administration called RxCmd.

I took the original concept and remade it into a console application for administrators of servers to use. There’s not much to it right now; the help command(s) don’t even work yet (something I intend to improve).

Current commands (and usage):

  • open: address port
    If you end up closing the connection manually, you do not need to use the parameters again for this command to work.
  • close: no parameter
  • exit: no parameter
  • killbots: no parameter
  • addbots: number
  • say: string
  • subscribe: no parameter
  • unsubscribe: no parameter

Download | GitHub

Submit a pull request if you’d like to contribute.

Now serving multinational, multilingual visitors better

Hello folks,

We’re now serving multilingual visitors better. After browsing Google analytics for the site, we noticed we receive some non-English visitors to our site. We have now installed a Google translation widget at the bottom (footer) of the site that you can use to translate our articles into other languages, making us multilingual now!

Should you have any suggestions or need to drop us a news tip to write an article, drop us a news tip on our site.

Peace through power.