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A Path Beyond Dev. Blog

Not much to show this week. I’d like to apologize about the lateness of this blog posting. We were trying out a new feature on the site and forgot about posting the latest news.

Introduction of New Patch (1.4)

This patch addresses a few issues noticed with Cold Fusion. It also features a new map or two.

  • Reduce Sniper health to 45h/45a (was 60/60) — I’ve actually been meaning to do this for a long time, but I always forgot. They were never intended to have more health than Rifle Soldiers since Beta rolled around, but I kept forgetting to actually change this.
  • Tesla Tank will probably get reduced health due to its new range improvements (which I like, and we are keeping). Maybe 150h/a or maybe 125. We need to test it. It’s intended to be a fire support unit, similar to a Phase Tank, not a main battle tank.
  • Rocket Soldier rockets may travel a bit faster or a bit further, currently Heavy Tanks totally cream them and that’s kind of annoying to just die over and over again after only getting one or two rockets off. I’m not sure about this one yet, though.
  • The Mechanic will get a small range increase so he does not have to have his hand up the ass of a tank to repair it. This will solve some issues with not being able to repair tanks that are actually trying to stay next to you to allow you to repair them. This isn’t common, I admit, but it does happen.
  • Tanya is just going to get one charge of C4 that will fully destroy a building again, instead of the two she currently possesses. This may make taking down buildings for her a little easier. Not much, but a little. If she can get inside, that is.
  • The economy will probably get a bit slower. I like the faster Ore Trucks because I don’t like waiting before I can buy things, which was the point of the faster Ore Trucks, but their individual dumps may be worth less money.
  • The range of the Medium Tank and the Heavy Tank will be equal, or at least closer, so that the Medium Tank doesn’t have to take a couple hits before he can retaliate. (In other words, we overreacted a bit in Cold Fusion.) The Light Tank might get a similar range increase, but it won’t match the Heavy Tank.
  • Phase Tanks will be a bit more powerful against buildings. Currently they’re quite weak.
  • The way points are awarded may be re-evaluated. We’re thinking of making it so that actually destroying a building yields a large point bonus to your entire team (which should cut down on "point-whoring" a bit — no more MAD Tanks earning thousands of points and stealing wins from the Allies for just getting lucky). I don’t want to promise this just yet, because we’re stuck with an older version of our code which may not have the ‘award points to team’ feature, but I’m pretty sure it does. If not, we may bring back the destruction bonus for buildings as a necessary evil.
  • Oh, we’re gonna re-open the ‘back’ entrance to the Soviet base on KOTG.

Keep watching the team’s forums for more updates.