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Apocalypse Rising Pre-Blargh

One_Winged_Angel wasn’t available this week so danpaul88 took the liberty to post a pre-blargh this week.

The GI is not allowed to deploy unless:

  1. He is standing still (prevents midair deployments among other things)
  2. He is not too close to another unit (stops GI’s deploying next to tanks or other soldiers to trap them inside the sandbag’s model, preventing them from moving)

Renegade-X – ReneGame 2010

Who Renegade-X and MP-Gaming
What C&C Renegade 8th Birthday
Where [MP] ReneGame 2010 Server
When Friday, February 26, 2010

As many of you are aware, this Friday, February 26th, is the birthday of C&C Renegade. On this day, we would also like to invite you all to ReneGame 2010. Just like last year, Renegade X will be hosting a game of C&C Renegade to celebrate its 8th birthday. This year, the server being supplied by our friends at MP Gaming.

The purpose of the ReneGame is to simply enjoy a good ol’ game of the original C&C Renegade, the game that we are remaking. This will be our third annual ReneGame, and they’ve all proven to be quite a blast. Play with developers from the mod, as well as fellow C&C Renegade & Renegade X community members.

The event will take place at Friday, February 26th, at 4:00pm EST (Eastern Standard Time). The server name will be "[MP] ReneGame 2010". More server information, including its IP, will be provided this Thursday. We’d like to ask you all to come 10 minutes early if possible.

We would like to highly recommend every participant of the ReneGame ’09 to use Teamspeak 2. To download the teamspeak 2 client, simply download here.

The purpose of using Teamspeak is to maximize teamplay and therefore push C&C Renegade’s gameplay to its very limit. Team play will be key for this game, to achieve the highest potential of organized action. We will be using the Renegade X teamspeak server. The TS2 IP is Server information, IP, and direct-connect info will be released on Thursday, probably sometime in the middle of the day, so visit this thread on Thursday to get this vital information!

Short clip from the last ReneGame

Hope to see you there!

Battle for Dune Blog


TeamWolf has been working some civilian buildings and some other map props for in-game use. While Wolf’s been working on civilian buildings, LR01 has been working on the Atreides War Factory interior and is coming along pretty well. Most of what we are previewed with today are subject to change depending on the interior designer’s guidelines and specifications.

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