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Joe Kucan Interview

Joe Kucan, otherwise known as Kane or the leader of the Brotherhood of Nod, gave an interview with Andy over at Computer and Video Games this last week. It reveals some insight as to the development of the popular RTS Series known as Command and Conquer, and reveals a light-hearted side to the otherwise serious character of Kane. Kane even gives Andy a piggyback ride!



You can read the entire interview here at Computer and Video Games.

Apocalypse Rising 175 Pew Pew, Fix Fix

Tokarev TT Textured!

Soviet troops that cannot handle combat weaponry, due to carrying other heavier equipment, are assigned with a Tokarev TT as standard. This allows the commie’s engineers and technicians the ability fight back when under fire from enemy threats.

Guy with a wrench has textured Poggel’s model and I think the results are really good so far. There are just a few bits and pieces to fix on the texture before it is ready for rigging.

Soviet Service Depot

Has your Rhino Tank been ravaged? Siege Chopper looking smashed? Apocalypse Tank looking like it’s been through one too many wars? Then get down to your local Service Depot, where our engineers will fix up your vehicles for a price that benefits everyone!

rm5248 has been working on this model and it’s starting to take shape really nicely. There are a few accuracy issues to fix up to make the model 100% true to RA2’s ship, but once those are fixed up and a basic interior is added, we should be well on our way to getting this structure in-game!

The service depot has no weak point, but it does house a purchase terminal and a repair node.

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As always, you can read more here.

Apocalypse Rising 174 “We’re Uncrushable”

Guardian GI IFV

dtrngd has been working on the Guardian GI’s IFV turret. When you purchase a Guardian GI and use him with an IFV, it makes for a powerful anti-tank and anti-air weapon. Adjustments will be made to the turret to allow the barrels to pivot up and down for good anti-air capabilities.

Take a look at the new turret, sitting to the left of the normal rocket IFV!

Staff Meeting

We had a meeting 10 days ago to discuss what everyone was doing. We’ve had these conferences before, but these are now taking a more structured form. We sorted some key issues out regarding what you can find below.

Date/Time: 6th March, 9pm UTC/GMT


  • Soviet Service Depot model finishing by rm5248 was moved over to April.
  • Eggman is fixing the thumb on the fps hands. From there OWA will create the sleeveless and gloves variants, so proper rigging can begin!
  • Weapon rigging plans will be modified at the next meeting, as ChAoS does not have that much experience yet. Someone please join him to form the weapon rigging squad.
  • The Soviet Walls will be done soon and rigged for next version, according to Occult13.
  • Please upload the Rocketeer with its current jetpack and guns for Poggel. Poggel will use the concept art reference to correct/remodel the guns. In TPS: weapon doesn’t appear, it’s part of the character model.
  • OWA will finish the character base mesh soon, using that all infantry can be modeled nicely. A guideline will be needed for it! Also someone must team up with OWA for character modeling, he won’t be able to do them all alone in time.
  • Guywithawrench’s next texture assignment will be the Tokarev TT-33, as seen in the March projects!
  • GI MP5K is still at Chevy (unwrapping process) but if someone has more time, take it from him ASAP and texture it! (Chevy has very little time to work, that’s why)
  • Sandbags setup: invisible vehicle-collision ramp leading up to the top of the sandbags, making a deployed G.I. squish-able (starting deeper underground to fit slopes better), but it will still have problems. Can the script check terrain steepness and not allow deployment if it’s too steep? (this would avoid floating sandbags too)
  • Rocketeer MUST be kicked from vehicles upon entering them! With a Host Message you can’t drive vehicles while being a Rocketeer or something. (script). He also needs a cool down timer for turning the jetpack on/off, so he can’t abuse the fall-down speed to then turn it back on before hitting the ground and not die from the falling.

War Miner In-Game & Working

dtrngd has gotten the Soviet War Miner in-game now. This vehicle is the soviet’s harvesting unit. Before we had it in-game as a prop to test the textures, but now it is rigged and drivable! The finished version will even have animations for mining ore and dumping it off at the refinery. This is a pretty big unit, so it has been scaled up to be bigger than the Rhino Tank. dtrngd is now working on getting the Chronominer ready for unwrapping.

Take a look at the screenshot below for a peek at what will be in-game.