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Apocalypse Rising 177

Welcome to Blog 177 of our fabulous mod, Apocalypse Rising for Renegade. Well, it seems that OWA is out an an epic adventure (he’s at school), so I’ll be taking over this blog today.

Soviet Radar Internals

In Soviet Russia, dtrngd shoots you

This is a result of our personal dtrngd, invest into one yourself

Chrono Miner

If you were a real fan, you would set these as your wallpaper

Grats to Ric for the model, and dtrngd, and OWA for tweaks.


French vanilla is still my favorite flavor even if they added all these new ones.

Good job to everyone who worked on these….I’m thinking it was OWA and dtrngd

Grizzly and Rhino shells

“I thought the Allies would use more precise armour piercing rounds (eg. Sabot) and the Soviet would just wanna blow shit up, so I modeled them a HEAT round.”-Kane000

I still have no idea how animals are suppose to shoot these…or load them

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Battlecast Primetime – Final 10

After two years of airing C&C.TV, Battlecast Primetime is coming to a close. In this finale of Battlecast Primetime, the cast showcases ten multiplayer matches from the second half of C&C’s lifetime (The Second Decade). Enjoy the watch and bid farewell to Command and Conquer TV.

You will be missed!

Battle for Dune Blog #109

Hey there and welcome to blog 109! We’ve been working very hard over the last two weeks and this is what we have to show for it!

Atreides Repair Tool

For awhile now we have been talking about how Engineers would work, in terms of repairing, capturing and other things. Well we knew we’d use his case for one of these things and with some brainstorming with Eeevil we’ve come up with something we are all happy with.

The Atreides case concept art.

You pull the plug-thingy out of the briefcase, stick it into the building, open the briefcase and start manually repairing it.

And here are a few WIP renders of it!

Now while you are hooked upto the building repairing it you won’t be able to move or your movement will be very limiting (undecided) otherwise the connection will be lost and you will stop repairing the structure.

Harkonnen Light Infantry

Now we showed off the Harkonnen Light Infantry ingame in the last blog but he was untextured. Thanks to Kiory who modelled him in the first place, he’s gone back over the model, cleaned up the mesh and textured this badass! So here is the Harkonnen Light Infantry and I think that Kiory has done an amazing job as always on his guy!

A picture speaks a thousand words, so what does a video do?

With this guy now textured, we finally have all of our first release infantry finished which is a major milestone for us at Battle for Dune!

Normal Maps

Now LR01 has prepared something for this blog about normal map textures, so here he is!

LR01: At some point, we already used normal mapping but we focused more on other stuff so left it out, now we took a look at them and decided to use it. With the “newest updates” on the engine it is possible to use it, of course it just a option.

Now, how this it looks then?

On the left the normal map is applied. Besides normal mapping we also going to use some other effects, like bloom. Just a bit of it though :

Of course, we are working on this so don’t worry if it doesn’t looks good.

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