Apocalypse Rising 177

Welcome to Blog 177 of our fabulous mod, Apocalypse Rising for Renegade. Well, it seems that OWA is out an an epic adventure (he’s at school), so I’ll be taking over this blog today.

Soviet Radar Internals

In Soviet Russia, dtrngd shoots you

This is a result of our personal dtrngd, invest into one yourself

Chrono Miner

If you were a real fan, you would set these as your wallpaper

Grats to Ric for the model, and dtrngd, and OWA for tweaks.


French vanilla is still my favorite flavor even if they added all these new ones.

Good job to everyone who worked on these….I’m thinking it was OWA and dtrngd

Grizzly and Rhino shells

“I thought the Allies would use more precise armour piercing rounds (eg. Sabot) and the Soviet would just wanna blow shit up, so I modeled them a HEAT round.”-Kane000

I still have no idea how animals are suppose to shoot these…or load them

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