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Cloudflare Support

To better manage the website, and also allow the server to be down potentially while the site remains online, we have migrated our DNS over to CloudFlare (free).

This post just serves as a note that some of you may get a CloudFlare challenge message asking you to provide a Captcha to be able to access the website. If this happens, there’s a small chance it could be a false  positive, but you should run a virus scan just in case, especially if you continually (longer than a week) keep getting the challenge message. If your virus scan returns nothing, feel free to leave a message in the challenge box asking for a whitelist trust in Cloudflare. Include a message that lets us know it’s a member of the C&C community.

You may use the free ESET Online Scanner to perform a system scan if you have no anti-virus software, or just want to be doubly sure about  the results of your own.

CnCFPS Updates Incoming!

Owner Absence

Ok, I realize I’ve kinda neglected CnCFPS for about a week or two for now. :

Lately, I’ve been playing a new game called Global Agenda which is an MMOFPS game. I’ve attained a pretty high-level character (class: Robotics) at level 29 and working on a match Assault-class character. This along with some odd work hours have really limited my time. :(


So, the updates mentioned (Yes, I get off on tangents!)…

  1. For starters, this little wordpress blog is getting a little annoying. Within the next two to three months, CnCFPS will be at a new home on a brand new site. I will not divulge anything else until next update.
    • The old forum will become decommissioned and all accounts will be wiped at the old forum. All topics will be wiped; everything. The website and the forum will be merged into one unit and act together. This will create a better, more condensed website for ease of maintenance.
  2. The RA:APB Interview is going to be pushed back a month (or two perhaps) until we can generate some new questions since we just plain aren’t getting any responses from our requests.
  3. CnCFPS IRC has been moved just this last month (Feb. 2010) to a brand new VPS from RapidXen.