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Apocalypse Rising 175 Pew Pew, Fix Fix

Tokarev TT Textured!

Soviet troops that cannot handle combat weaponry, due to carrying other heavier equipment, are assigned with a Tokarev TT as standard. This allows the commie’s engineers and technicians the ability fight back when under fire from enemy threats.

Guy with a wrench has textured Poggel’s model and I think the results are really good so far. There are just a few bits and pieces to fix on the texture before it is ready for rigging.

Soviet Service Depot

Has your Rhino Tank been ravaged? Siege Chopper looking smashed? Apocalypse Tank looking like it’s been through one too many wars? Then get down to your local Service Depot, where our engineers will fix up your vehicles for a price that benefits everyone!

rm5248 has been working on this model and it’s starting to take shape really nicely. There are a few accuracy issues to fix up to make the model 100% true to RA2’s ship, but once those are fixed up and a basic interior is added, we should be well on our way to getting this structure in-game!

The service depot has no weak point, but it does house a purchase terminal and a repair node.

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Red Alert 2 – Apocalypse Rising Christmas Blog


Last Week’s Teaser

Ok, so last blog One_Winged_Angel showed us a little teaser of a surprise currently being worked on.


Well, if you look closely at the tree to the left, you’ll notice a something sticking out from behind the base of the trunk. Well, the answer is….


The team includes a video of it in action, however, they haven’t released any in-game footage about how it’ll work yet.

However, danpaul88 has created some scripts, as previously mentioned in an old blog by the team, that allow a player to remotely control the terror drone from a terminal. However, OWA has said it may function just like it did in RA2. Basically, you’ll remotely control the terror drone from your terminal and when you see an enemy vehicle, you just highlight them, and as long as you’re in range just click and the Drone will jump into the vehicle. You get to watch as the terror drone dismantles the vehicle from the inside out. Pretty cool I might say. ;)

Building Weak and Repair Points

danpaul88 has shown us some more of his building weak-point scripts. Basically, damage dealt to a weak-point is increased/more-effective, while repair done to a repair-point greatly increases the effectiveness of repairing.



Mining Updates

danpaul88 has also been working on the War Miner and Chrono Miner scripts. He’s been VERY busy the last few weeks as you can probably imagine from all the work he’s done here in this blog.

The Chrono Miner no longer needs to be spoon fed the IDs of waypaths it should use for each step of it’s journey, making it much more flexible and allowing more scope for using multiple chronoshift zones (ie: this one is busy, lets try the next one) in future.


Warhead and Armour Types

The team has also released their list of armour and warhead types. You can read more about them on their forums here.


One_Winged_Angel also announces that Apocalypse Rising is still recruiting talented 2D Artists.

If you meet the following requirements, you can PM One_Winged_Angel with your application.

What we are looking for in a 2d artist, is someone who:

  • is enthusiastic about working with the BHP Apocalypse Rising Team.
  • has spare time.
  • will be active in the foreseeable future (a.k.a we don’t want you running off).
  • is competent at creating their own 2d textures.
  • is over the age of 16 (we overlook this if you are what we assess to be a mature individual. This rule is known as the TruYuri rule).

Merry Christmas

The team wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas.

…And the staff here at CnCFPS would like to wish you guys a very Merry Christmas as well!

Don’t forget you can read more in detail about all of Apocalypse Rising’s blogs at their forums via APathBeyond.com.

A Note from CnCFPS

Look back next month as we release an interview from the Apocalypse Rising Team Leaders One_Winged_Angel, cfehunter, and dtrngd!

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