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A Path Beyond – April 5th Blargh

Dead End

This new map, otherwise known as The Tanya Map, is an objective-based map where the Allies have to go around the map destroying bridges that the Soviets have to use in order to bring in more reinforcements. A single, lucky Allied player will get to be a Tanya for this map. The Allied team will also get an Artillery unit to provide long-range fire support. If the Artillery dies, your team doesn’t get another. Don’t worry: If Tanya dies, she’ll respawn on a random player shortly. Your team will also have a medic to keep your team alive.

For the Soviets, the objective is clearly to destroy the Allies before they destroy the precious Soviet bridges. In addition to waiting out on a timer, the Soviets can destroy the Allies’ Mobile HQ which serves as a mobile command post and mobile spawn point; destroying this will bring an instant victory to the Soviets.

War Factory Updates

cuddling has found some time as been working on the War Factory basement interiors. Very EXCELLENT job cuddling on these renders and basement! I can’t wait to smash mah tank into your basement




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