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Renegade-X Black Dawn

Renegade X: Operation Black Dawn

Over the past few months, the team has been busy with several things. In relation to Renegade X, we’ve been working on porting Renegade X over to the Unreal Development Kit (UDK), which would successfully make Renegade X into a free, standalone indie game. This process has required us to recode some basic elements, and create some new static meshes for the UDK versions. The UDK really is a new beginning in many ways.

On May 4th 2010, the team released a new image and mysterious riddle. After many elaborate guesses and some pretty close dissections of the riddle, some figured it out: Black Dawn.

Renegade X: Operation Black Dawn is a standalone single player demo, featuring the UDK. Captain Nick “Havoc” Parker is back, and in a new original level designed from scratch by Totem Arts. The Brotherhood of Nod has captured the renowned GDI scientist Dr. Ignatio Mobius, and have taken him to an island stronghold. GDI’s only hope in getting back Mobius is through the use of force!

  • Capture the enemy beachhead under the covering fire of Gunboats!
  • Fight in large scale and covert battles!
  • Witness cinematics, A-10 strikes, cruise missiles, Ion Cannons, hovercrafts, and much more!
  • See the new, improved, and standalone Renegade X visual and audio experience!

It will act as a preliminary demonstration and a first-hand experience of the new face of Renegade X on the UDK, and what it has to offer. Most of what is being made for Black Dawn will be incorporated in the later multiplayer release of Renegade X – this will act as a step-up towards that final goal.

Operation Black Dawn Teaser Trailer!

The team has prepared a little teaser film to get fans pumped. You can view it streaming from our site, YouTube, or download and watch it in HD via your favorite media player.

Download: borgamers | YouTube

That’s it for now – and that’s just the beginning. Black Dawn is coming soon to a computer near you! Be sure to keep up with Renegade X in the coming days and weeks for more exciting updates on Renegade X: Black Dawn, and the UDK multiplayer release!

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Red Alert – A Path Beyond Blog 1/18/10

Gamma Map Changes

The team has been busy working on some map updates for Gamma. Some examples include replacing the old trees with new ones (who said they weren’t tree huggers?), adding hedgehogs that have to be cleared by Engineers in order for vehicles to pass through. These hedgehogs are show, along with the new M16 Rifle, in the following screenshots. The map is RA_Bunkers.mix.

Moving onto Cold Fusion maps, the team is hoping to get some more maps out for 1.4.

Tech Level News

Tech levels are really neat how Bluehell Productions is handling them. It’s all handled through the RA_Game_Manager Object on the map. For those mappers and modders who want some extra control, you’re able to manually control the tech levels through custom events. This would come in handy if you want to do a mission-based map where like you get reinforcements on Tech Level 3, or you tech up once you complete an objective (e.g. Infiltrate the Soviet Barracks to gain the ability to buy advanced infantry.)

Defaults are listed below:

Tech Level 1: Immediate (0:00)
Tech Level 2: +3 Minutes (3:00)
Tech Level 3: +3.5 Minutes (6:30)
Tech Level 4: +4 Minutes (10:30)
Tech Level 5: +4.5 Minutes (15:00)

Every tech-up, you’ll be alerted with an audible noise/sound and a text message (no not to your phone!).

New Effects

They’ve added some smudge marks to the terrain, including new burnt grass and kicked-up dirt effects. (They planted all those new trees just to drive a tank over them!)

Medium and Light Tank sounds have been given a new face lift…ahem…ear lift. Flak and Grenade explosions are different.

Below is a new trailer to Gamma which showcases these new effects better than screenshots can provide.



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