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Reborn Update

The team has provided us with some dumpsters to throw our trash in. We’ve got a few new maps previewed for C&C Reborn’s Vehicle release.

You can view images on our new on-site image gallery!

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CNC Reborn Infantry Update: Jumpjet, Technician and Disc Thrower

GDI Jumpjet, Technician and Disc Thrower Infantry

Below are our updated GDI Infantry models.

Renardin and Mick are continuing work on the improvements of the GDI infantry models. Once they finish the GDI side with Xenobond’s help, they will attack the Nod side.

discfinal techfinal jumpjetfinal

Here is a list of what has been done and what is coming next:

  • Soldier: OK
  • Disc Infantry: OK
  • Rocket Infantry: New model and texture needed by Mick and Renardin
  • Engineer: OK
  • Sniper Commando: New model and texture needed by Mick and Renardin
  • Medic: OK
  • Bomb’s Specialist: New model and texture needed by Mick and Renardin
  • Technician: OK
  • Ghostalker: Texture Rework by Xenobond
  • Umagon: Texture Rework by Xenobond
  • Jumpjet: OK
  • Officer: New model and texture needed by Mick and Renardin
  • Mutant Rocket Soldier: New model and texture needed by Xenobond
  • Mutant: Texture Rework by Xenobond

If you wish to compare the new models with the old models, visit our gallery on our Facebook page.

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CnC Reborn Update

Before I begin, Let me apologize to the C&C Reborn team for this late and forgotten news posting. I will get updates from you guys posted here sooner.


Not much to show, the latest update shows some of the work the team has done on the GDI Engineer.  They’ve also set a rough release date of the date or shortly after the release of Tiberian Technologies’ production of Renegade patch 1.038.

GDI Engineer


Tactical use of the engineer is considered an art among many commanders. The unit has multiple purposes, it is one of the only two units able to repair buildings. They’re also armed with more Timed C4 to aid in the destruction of enemy structures and Proximity Mines to help defend friendly areas.

Internal Beta Preview


To give you an idea of how the mod is functional now, here is a run trough of our current internal beta. It needs maps and players! (this beta isn’t running last script 4.0 beta so it may not give the best visual result)